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Invention Expo Looking For The Next Big Thing

The Free Invention Expo at Palm Beach County Convention Center in West Palm Beach was Saturday, February 11th. The South Florida Inventors Society hosted the event, which featured Thomas Edison’s great-niece, who blew out 165 candles in honor of Edison’s birthday, which also was Saturday. Also present at the expo were representatives of Telebrands, the “As Seen on TV” company, who were searching for their next product to showcase. Read more about the Expo in this article in the Palm Beach Post News.

Wireless TV Headphones

TV headphones are great for being able to watch what you like at any volume you’d like, without bothering anyone else in the room.  Every wonder how they work?  Check out this article to see how.  Do you need a pair of your own?  Find out where you can get an affordable pair of wireless TV headphones here!


Find Out How Your Noise-Reducing Headphones Work

Check out this Squidoo page on How Do Noise-Cancelling Headphones Work.  See what goes on in the headphones to let them cancel out noise around you let you listen without disturbance!

Guide to Different Types of Good Headphones

Looking for the right kind of headphones for you? Check out this article by Consumer Reports that discusses the many different types of headphone product types and the various price ranges associated with them.  Don’t want to pay a fortune for a good set of TV headphones?  Click here to find out how you can get a great pair of affordable wireless surround sound TV headphones!

How To Choose A Wireless Surround Sound System

Looking for a wireless surround sound system for your house?  Read this article on how to choose one.  Want wireless surround sound without a huge system and without paying a fortune?  Find out where you can get affordable wireless surround sound TV headphones here!